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Adagio (GER)
Astigar (FR)
Baldur's Gate
Barrier Peaks (FR)
Bluebell Polka (IRE)
Brinkley (FR)
Bumpy Johnson (FR)
Crossing Lines (IRE)
Dell' Arca (IRE)
Do Ya Feel Lucky (IRE)
Dock Of The Bay
Doyen La Lutte (IRE)
Duc de Beauchene (FR)
Duesenberg (IRE)
Eamon An Cnoic (IRE)
Eden du Houx (FR)
Elan de Balme (FR)
First Lord de Cuet (FR)
Flammarion (GER)
Gericault Roque (FR)
Grangeclare Glory (IRE)
Gwencily Berbas (FR)
Heure de Gloire (FR)
Highlander Madrik (FR)
Induno (IRE)
Iron Heart
Israel Champ (IRE)
Itacare (FR)
Jewari Of Saints (IRE)
Kepagge (IRE)
King's Socks (FR)
Kingsfort Hill
Kingofthewest (IRE)
Koi Dodville (FR)
Ladykiller (GER)
Lady Reset
Last Quarter (IRE)
Leoncavallo (IRE)
Little Red Lion (IRE)
Macha (FR)
Maggie's Mogul (IRE)
Main Fact (USA)
Major Robinson (IRE)
Make Me A Believer (IRE)
Martinhal (IRE)
Mawson Hills
Meep Meep Mag (IRE)
Miss M (IRE)
Mr Clarkson (IRE)
Mr Tambourine Man (IRE)
Nabvutika (IRE)
Neon Moon (IRE)
New Age Dawning (IRE)
Nobel Joshua (AUT)
Nordic Combined (IRE)
Oneonechop (FR)
Panic Attack (IRE)
Paricolor (FR)
Percy Street
Pick Up The Pieces
Poker Play (FR)
Queens Cave (IRE)
Ramses de Teillee (FR)
Ranco (IRE)
Red Lion Lad (IRE)
Romain de Senam (FR)
School For Scandal (FR)
Setme Straightmate
Seventeen O Four (IRE)
Sexy Lot (GER)
Sidi Ismael (FR)
Siruh du Lac (FR)
Story Of Friends (FR)
Thanksforthehelp (FR)
Thinking (IRE)
Thirst For Fame
To Fly Free
Umbrigado (IRE)
Veiled Secret (IRE)
Vieux Lion Rouge (FR)