The all weather gallops are the main focal point of David Pipe's method of training racehorses, otherwise known as "Interval Training".  

The woodchip gallop leads up a testing hill that makes the horses work hard without disheartening them.  The horses will work to the top of the gallops before cantering back down to the bottom; then they will repeat the process over again. In between gallops the horse's breathing can be monitored and their levels of fitness assessed.

Pond House Gallops

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Sunnyside Canter


There is also an all-weather
  canter that links Pond House
  Stables with our Sunnyside yard

There is no jar in the gallop, and the drainage system is second to none, meaning the horses can be exercised everyday no matter what the weather.  Indeed, the worst conditions the horses are likely to face are when they set foot on the racecourses themselves!

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